Interviews were conducted on 28 November 2015 during the "Train to Paris" High Level Event organised by UIC with Yolaine de la Bigne, print and radio journalist (France Inter, RTL, France Info, Europe 1).

Author of several books, Yolaine de la Bigne was one of the first "urban-rural" journalists continuing to work in Paris, whilst still living in the French countryside. Already sensitised to nature through her collaborations with Nicolas Hulot for the Ushuaia issue, she became aware of the urgency to act and embarked on various actions to defend the environment.

She founded the Néoplanète website, and the first web-radio mixing music 24/7 and information on the defence of the planet.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux [1/3]
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux [2/3]
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux [3/3]

José Viégas, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum ITF / OECD

José Viégas [1/2]
José Viégas [2/2]

Sabiha Derbel, President Director General of SNCFT (Tunisian Railways)

Sabiha Derbel

Luc Lallemand, Chief Executive Officer of Infrabel (Belgium Infrastructure Manager)

Luc Lallemand [1/3]
Luc Lallemand [2/3]
Luc Lallemand [3/3]

Manuel Queiró, President of CP (Portuguese Railways)

Manuel Queiró [1/4]
Manuel Queiró [2/4]
Manuel Queiró [3/4]
Manuel Queiró [4/4]

Pierre Tessier, Journalist who covered the Pekin-Paris journey (18-28 November 2015)

Pierre Tessier (18-28 November 2015)